My favorite time of the year!

Hey guys! Welcome to my website.

You can call me Spydr Man, and guess what? I love Halloween! I talk a little about myself more here, if you want to check it out. Obviously my real name isn’t Spydr Man, but I got the nickname when I was younger, and it just stuck. If I could legally change my name to it, I would 🙂


I am someone who literally waits for this time of year (October) months in advance.

Growing up I was someone who found that for some reason, most people were more interested in holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

This included my family, which would cause some rifts growing up, which is a whole other post at another time. Actually, I will talk a little about it now. Growing up my family was and still is huge on Christmas. You can imagine the arguments that we had when it came to dealing with me just talking about Halloween the entire year, Lol.

While I was someone who liked those holidays, I lived for Halloween. It being October, I figured what a better time to finally start this up.

That is why I wanted to create this blog. I know there are some online, I’ve seen a couple, but I want to make this a place where all Halloween fanatics can unite all year and talk about all things that go with the holiday we love.

In my upcoming posts, we will talk about things like

-How to know if you are a Halloween fanatic (which is my next post actually)

– Favorite all time horror films

-Best Halloween baking goodies. Yes, I am a guy who loves to bake!

and so much more great stuff that we will be talking about.

If you are someone who loves the holiday, welcome home 🙂

If there are some topics you want to talk about, feel free to write them in the comment box below!

Talk to you guys tomorrow!

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