How To Know If You Are A Halloween Lover

What’s up my Halloween fanatics! I can’t decide whether to call us fanatics or lovers, what do you guys think? They both sound cool and pretty much describe how we feel about Halloween.

Todays topic of discussion is how you can determine if you are a Halloween lover yourself. The reason for this post is some might know right off the bat they are, while some, might be on the fence, and just need to clarify a couple things to fall under the same category.

Oh ya, if you missed yesterdays post, you can see it here.

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Ok, back to our topic for the day..

How To Know If You Are A Halloween Lover

So what I will be doing is talking about a couple things that are a clear sign that you are definitely a lover of October 31st. I’ll name a few, God knows I have tons, but these are the most popular ones in my opinion.

#1 – It is always an appropriate time for a horror movie

Whether it is July, or December, you are someone who can turn on the tv, log into Netflix and go straight to the Horror section. I know during October, most people will watch a flick or two to prep for Halloween, but I am talking about you being able to watch one at any time of the year. Honestly, there isn’t much that is as good as watching a horror movie on your couch real cozy. Oh and throw in your favorite movie snacks, magical.

Some of my favorite horror movies are.


Halloween (The Original)

Dead Silence


What are some of yours? Comment in the chat box below.

#2- You have multiple costumes

Me personally, I have at least 3 that I use during the holiday. I like options and I like to surprise people with changing multiple times during a party. If I go to multiple parties, which I usually do, I will get anywhere from 3-5 costumes.

#3- You can’t seem to stop talking about the holiday¬†

This goes back to my last post. I know for myself when I was growing up, that was all I talked about. As I got older, that will still the situation. Picture a 4th of July family party and you are the only one talking about Halloween, Lol. I know that might seem a little extreme, but hey like I said, we are a special breed of people.

I know that might seem a little extreme, but hey like I said, we are a special breed of people.

There ya have it my friends, my 3 ways to tell if you are a Halloween fanatic/lover!

If you nodded your head yes to these 3 signs, then you are a Halloween lover my friend!

Welcome to the club and we will be having a online party soon, just kidding, but wouldn’t that be awesome?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

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